The purple flower means “Thank you” and intends to commemorate Mother’s Day.

Facebook enabled a new reaction to the publications in its social network. It is a purple flower that has surprised several users.

Its meaning is “Thank you!” And aims to serve as a commemoration for Mother’s Day. It is because of the above, that Facebook has wanted to give users the possibility of reacting with a thanks to the publications, according to andro4all.com

In some countries of the world, mothers celebrate their day this Sunday, May 7, so that the update of the social network is already enabled in these places, for example in Spain.

According to ActualApp, it is not the first time that Facebook takes advantage of a special date to incorporate a new reaction, it already did during Halloween, update that was eliminated after the commemoration of the day.

There is still no official statement on whether the initiative will be maintained in other parts of the world