They flog Facebook and Google for more than 100 million dollars

Both companies are victims of phishing.
The United States Department of Justice accused a Lithuanian man of fraud, identity theft and money laundering last month, through documents that found that he had swindled two major technology companies for a larger amount The 100 million dollars

The identity of state companies in the secret to this day, when Forbes revealed in a report that Facebook and Google had been defrauded by an individual who posed as a Taiwanese electronics company.

Both certification companies in the case of victims of phishing, where Evaldas Rimasauskas, 48, forged e-mail addresses, invoices and contracts to trick them with the payment of electronic supplies.

These payments were deposited in bank accounts in Latvia, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Slovenia, Hungary and Lithuania, but according to the spokespersons of both companies the funds were recovered, although they did not reveal the total amount that had been delivered.

Rimasauskas faces a prison term of up to 20 years for each charge of telephone fraud and money laundering, and a mandatory minimum sentence of two years for identity theft.

With information from Forbes.