Five Facebook functions you did not know

When downloading Facebook, and once installed, the user can find offers on clothes or jewelry, see the sports results of his preference, search for active Wi-Fi networks, among other functions.

The Facebook social network, which is currently close to having two billion active users per month, enabled certain functions in its application, in order to cover specific needs.

These options can be viewed through the Options Menu, once the social network is installed on your smartphone.


The motion sensor allows you to keep track of the steps taken by the user while walking or running, or the kilometers traveled by bicycle. In addition, it has an estimate of the caloric expenditure generated by the consumer, based on the physical activity that it executes.

Travel Guide

It allows navigation through the main cities of the five continents. Likewise, it shows the places visited by the friends added, as well as knowing restaurants, nightlife, cafes, parks and the main attractions that a specific place offers.


View the calendar of events as well as the results of major leagues such as the NBA, NHL, Champions League, among others.

Wifi Search

Facebook also has, since November 2016, a feature that solves connection problems for many people. Through a map, in red spots appear the places that have an available network, be it public or private. Once the point is selected, the instructions to arrive, along with the name of the network to be connected, appear.


It allows the user to buy online and view offers on products such as jewelry, clothing, among others.